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Somatic Wellness

Soma means “of the body.” Yoga involves physical postures, focused breathing, mindfulness and meditation. This all works in unison leading to a more attuned way of inhabiting the body and our experience in the world -physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a long time student of yoga, I have experienced the many physical and mental benefits of the practice. In its essence, yoga is designed to regulate the nervous system through grounding, body awareness, attunement to the breath, movement, and mindfulness. Yoga brings to the surface what we feel, what we feel challenged by, and what we suppress. It invites us into a journey of awareness and self discovery. As we practice, our openness and curiosity expands and our ability to connect more fully to ourselves becomes available. With mindfulness fully guiding this moving meditation we are offered an opportunity to explore the depths of our inner world promoting healing and an expansion of how we come to know ourselves.


"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self - to the self."


Emotions are energy moving through our bodies. In the midst of stress, anxiety, trauma and chaos we run the risk of tuning out our physical and emotional needs; leading us into a constant pattern of fight, flight, freeze. Emotional wounds and prolonged stress often develop/express themselves physically as a result of subconscious programming activated in the body over time. Yoga is an evidence based approach to caring for your nervous system which is crucial to your wellbeing and your ability to navigate life's challenges.



Studio Based Group Classes

Studio-based group classes offered weekly. Come experience the benefits of yoga in community.  


Monday 10:00 am
Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga, SOZO Yoga 

See Schedule
Restorative +  Yoga Nidra, SOZO Yoga

Yoga Workshop for Mental Health

Perfect for those seeking to incorporate yoga into how they attend to their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Offered periodically as the demand dictates, this educational workshop includes mindfulness exercises, a yoga sequence designed to nourish the nervous system, and breath work. 


Soma Counseling and Wellness Office


Let’s work together to help you create lifestyle tools uniquely designed to help you achieve personal growth and establish a strong, calm and balanced connection in body and mind.

Through mindful breathing techniques, guided meditation, movement and body postures yoga counseling sessions are designed to assist in attending to the nervous system, promote healing in the body and cultivate general well being. This offering can help you establish coping skills for stress, depression, anxiety or just to create a safe foundation for a solid home or studio practice.


5 Sessions

60 Minutes each


"I started my yoga journey just over a year ago, and tried so many classes. When it really hit home to me was when I took Michelle’s class. I’m not sure if I want to even call it a class - more of an awakening of your mind and body. She begins the class reading powerful messages with a calm but strong voice and you begin to let go of thoughts and worries of your day. Michelle has exceptional teaching knowledge and her passion for what she does shines through every class without faltering. If anyone gets to experience Michelle as a yoga teacher or mentor they would be greatly blessed to have crossed her path."



Step into wholeness.

You can take the first step today.  I offer  yoga workshops, private yoga sessions, and a customized yoga practice developed to target your unique needs and goals. 

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